The End of an Era - Valerie Mendes
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The End of an Era

The End of an Era

26 March 2022

Goodbye Sir Philip Pullman
We are sad to see you go
Your world of dust enhanced our dreams
It drove us to and fro
It dominated Oxford life
For ever and a day
You spoke up for “we authors”
And encouraged us to say

We are the Voice of Truth and Might
Far mightier than the sword
We vow to stand together and
To fight for Peace. Our Lord
And Master calls us. We listen
In our prime. We muster strength
And courage. We write in prose and rhyme

Goodbye Sir Philip Pullman
We are glad to see you. Go
In peace and safe prosperity
Remember! Those who flow
Beyond our new horizons
Will follow and yet say
That dust is not enough, now,
To give us Our New Day.