Flight of the Lark
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Flight of the Lark

A black-ink signature on a unique document.

The striking of eleven on the clock.

A tremulous call to arms from a thin high frightened voice.

We are back with the Hamilton family – but now it is September 1939. The Second World War has begun.

Louisa Hamilton steps into her student nurse’s uniform and discovers a new identity.

Thomas Saunders fulfils his childhood dream. He climbs into a spitfire to join the clouds like one of his thrilling larks.

Edward Hamilton spots a green-eyed child on a station platform – and then he meets Michael’s mother.

In Calcutta, left alone in the sweltering heat and dust, a man by the name of Billy Hamilton makes the biggest decision of his life.

And what of the house itself? What of Larkswood?

Will it survive the blitz? Might it become a secret meeting place for the duration of the war? Who knows about it, who visits it and why?

Larkswood, published by Orion in 2014, now has a long-awaited companion. Flight of the Lark gathers together the same cast of characters, adds several new ones – and changes them all for ever.

Flight of the Lark will be published by VMBooks on 22 October 2022