The Encyclopedia of Visual Art - Valerie Mendes
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The Encyclopedia of Visual Art

It was an enormous privilege to be given the task of Project Editor
for this equally enormous new encyclopedia. My small, hand-picked
Oxford-based team spent five years with it, supported by Elsevier
and our marvellous editorial board of art specialists. There is nothing
I love more than a challenge – and this certainly qualified. When both
Macmillan and Encyclopedia Britannica bought it on completion,
we all knew it had been time extremely well spent.

Production Team

Project Editor: Valerie Mendes
Picture Research: Anne-Marie Ehrlich, Christine Forth, Diana Morris
Additional Research: Mel Cooper
Production: Clive Sparling
Design: Sarah Tyzack, Trevor Vincent
Art Editor: Jerry Burman
Text Editors: Janet Graham, Robert Peberdy
Index: Sandra Raphael