Gratitude & Contacts | Valerie Mendes
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Gratitude & Contacts

Valerie Mendes would like to thank these brilliant creative people:

Chris Challis Photographer for his work throughout this website;

Saša Prudkov for the cover photo for Flight of the Lark;

John Gollop at iStockphoto for the cover photo for Larkswood;

Pictorial Press Limited/Alamy Stock Photo for the image of the romantic Edwardian couple for Beatrice and Alexander;

ClassicStock/Alamy Stock Photo and Photographer H. Armstrong Roberts for the portrait of a woman with a check dress for Daddy’s Girl;

Louise Milidge at Dreamstime for the cover photos for Girl in the Attic, Coming of Age, Lost and Found and The Drowning;

and Paul Downes of GD Associates who designed and built this website and also, apart from Larkswood, created the stunning front covers for all my adult work.


Valerie Mendes