Gratitude & Contacts | Valerie Mendes
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Gratitude & Contacts

Valerie Mendes would like to thank these brilliant creative people

Chris Challis Photographer for his work throughout this website

Saša Prudkov for the cover photo for Flight of the Lark

John Gollop at iStockphoto for the cover photo for Larkswood

Pictorial Press Limited/Alamy Stock Photo for the image of the romantic Edwardian couple for Beatrice and Alexander

ClassicStock/Alamy Stock Photo and Photographer H. Armstrong Roberts for the portrait of a woman with a check dress for Daddy’s Girl

Ian Winstanley for the covers for Girl in the Attic, Coming of Age and Lost and Found; and for The Drowning

and Paul Downes of GD Associates who designed and built this website and also, apart from Larkswood, created the stunning front covers for all my adult work.


Valerie Mendes