Larkswood | Valerie Mendes
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Larkswood House is home to the Hamilton children – Edward, Cynthia and Harriet – who enjoy the freedom and excitement of privilege.

But in the glorious English summer of 1896, with absent parents and a departed governess, disaster strikes the family, leaving it cruelly divided.

More than forty years later, on the eve of the Second World War, Louisa Hamilton is sent to Larkswood to recuperate from glandular fever.

There she meets her grandfather, Edward, home after decades in India.

As Louisa begins to fall under Larkswood’s magical spell, she realises it holds the key to the mystery that shattered her family all those years ago.

Will she find the courage to unravel the dark secrets of the past?

And can Larkswood ever become home to happiness again?

“Genius is genetic in the family of American Beauty director Sam Mendes. His mother, Valerie Mendes, has written a suspenseful tale of an aristocratic clan, the Hamiltons.”
New York Post

“I have re-read Larkswood and wanted to say I enjoyed it even more the second time than the first. I was genuinely touched by it – by the end you really care about them all. The characters are terrifically well drawn – especially Edward – and it has a powerful atmosphere that lingers long after it ends. You should be tremendously proud of it. It’s a really wonderful achievement.”
Sir Sam Mendes CBE, Theatre and Film Director

“Impressive… A gripping mystery that will keep you hooked until the end.”
Good Housekeeping

Published by Orion in 2014. Now available in mass market paperback. Also in ebook and unabridged audio download.