September’s Song - Valerie Mendes
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September’s Song

To Celebrate a Very Special Autumn

My Robin came this afternoon –
He flew in with a smile –
So bright and light and wholesome
He soars that extra mile
To tell me I should hop along
As bright and light as him:
Brush off the dust
Scour crusty rust
To sing along. My hymn

Of praise for harvest evening
Rings as the twilight fades
Our Robin pecks a seed or two
He winks at me, parades
His heavenly colours, shining
With absolute delight
The end of year is nearing but
We both have health and sight.

My Robin came this afternoon
To cheer me on. I’ll say!
To celebrate a good day’s work
And never giving way
To gloom’s despondent darkening
To cancel culture’s blight:
My Robin never comes unless
There’s sunshine after night.