A New Day Dawns - Valerie Mendes
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A New Day Dawns

Image by Nick Cox Architects – www.nickcoxarchitects.co.uk

For the Blenheim Team 2021

The finest view in England trembles before our eyes:
The lakes in Blenheim turn to marsh, blotting starry skies
Their edges creeping nearer to centres dry as dust –
The finest view in England
Turns to rust.

I walk a changing landscape where always I’d assumed
However dark the future, Blenheim’s would stay tuned:
The lovely Bridge’s crescent would sweep above the pain
Its waters fresh and filled
With summer’s rain.

The finest view in England now needs the helping hands
Of stonemasons and experts, conservators and bands
Of those who build, repairing, rejoicing as they sew
Let’s work to save our England:
Quick! Quick! Go …

I walk the Bridge at dawning as diggers lie in wait.
I watch the Palace outlined and glimpse the Woodstock Gate.
Repairs begin in earnest: we’ll dredge, we’ll fill for hours:
The finest view in England
Will stay ours.