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Breaking News

Breaking News

Woodstock, 9 March 2022

My Wren has laid her eggs again
High in my old stone wall
In spite of Eunice and her rage
That battle did not stall
My tiny bird from following
Her very natural call –
My Wren has laid eggs
Side by side
Deep in my ancient wall.

Now she is busy on the wing
Feathering her nest
Clearing away the moss and sludge
Of last year’s autumn fest
Determined, focused, organised:
Peck at some seeds. That pest!
Avoid fat pigeon’s dominance!
Flutter to check, then rest …

My Wren has laid her eggs again
So patiently I’ll stand
To wait until their shells split wide
Those mouths become a band
Of cheeping tambourines whose sound
Heralds of spring
The hope we’ve fanned
In spite of plague and war be damned
Will echo across Blenheim’s sand –
Will warm and bless my Blenheim’s land.