My Life in a Day - Valerie Mendes
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My Life in a Day

My Life in a Day

For Chris Challis, naturally

I love the hours of twilight as the skies begin to fade
The swirl of cloud, the streaks of sun
The patterns and the shade
The timing of the sunset, the deepening of the gloom
The sleepiness that stills my heart
The propping of my broom.

I love the creep of dawning as the light seeps through the pane
To warm the frost of eventide
And bring a hint of rain
The singing of the early bird, Cat scratching at the door
That cup of tea that stirs my heart
Before my pen needs more.

I’ve never loved the noonday sun, its blaze of burning heat –
It slows me down, it makes me pale
Its suffocating beat
Turns morning into afternoon. I’m glad to see it swim
“Mad dogs of an Englishman”
Stew in its deadly grin.

I love the hour of teatime when the lemon drizzle cake
Slides down a treat to waistline sit
Forgotten how to bake?
Come! Sit with me till sunset, talk as the day’s light falls
Let’s love the hours of twilight
When my Nightingale calls.

With lifelong gratitude to Noel Coward